Mouse movement control under OSX

In my engine i ave managed the mouse movement by increment. so when the mouse was off the on side of window i reset the his position on screen center position, using the point device manager of Macos 9 api. i do this so i had ever an increment for mouse movement. then his increment are traduced in angle direction. How can in osx make do… thanks in advanced…

Last I checked (which was during the time of OSX PB) you cannot, although you might check on the status of the CGDirectDisplay API (I think that’s what they were called), which has facilities for manually repositioning the cursor but was not functional as of the Public Beta.

i what package are these api? Thanks in advanced

They are part of the OSX Cocoa api, there is documentation about it on the apple dev website somewhere (I found it once anyways heh)

My engine is in Ansi c++, how can access cocoa api from a non Objective-c enviroment?


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