mouse + general question

hello all,

noob questions follow

first question:

when I search the forum I get only replys from the year 2000? even though I have it set to any date? :confused:


using linux/glut

when I click the mouse on the screen what are the x, y parameters I’m getting back from glutMouseFunc?

I have tried (for x)

temp = glutGet( GLUT_WINDOW_X);
printf( "window_x=%i
", temp );

but I don’t seem to be able to get the mouse x,y coordinates?


glutGet(GLUT_WINDOW_X) will give you the x-coordinate of the window, not of the mouse. To get the mouse coordinates you have to look at the values passed to the mouse callback functions.

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it will just start with the oldest results.

when you register your mousecallbacks e.g.


void mouseInput(int x,int y);

in the mouseinput func x and y will be the screenpos