mouse control


i try to write a small application which can read a triangulated geometry and show it in a window.
then i want to manipulate it with the mouse (rotate, move, zoom and modify points by dragging them).
i did this in a basic version, but now the following problems occures:
the mouse control should be independent from the real size of the model (e.g an arbitrary point should follow the mouse if the model is moved - independ from the current zoom), the model should always be loaded to fit the whole whindow, points should be pickable (screen coordinates must be connected to model coordinates).

I’m not shure what’s the best and fastest way to do this (calculate bounding boxes of the model and scale everything with it or …?) and i can’t find any book or tutorial dealing with this tasks.

Any suggestions?

Thank’s for your kind help



Try looking at:

maybe it’ll help