Mouse action

Hi! I’m trying to developed an optical simulation of lens in openGL. I used NeHe tutorial for direct input. There i got an event procedure WM_LBUTTONDOWN.
This procedure work only when mouse is clicked. But I want to make to do some event when i remain holding down the mouse button.
That is say, a variable increase when i click the left mouse button. but i want it to increase while i keep the mouse button holding. Please can any one help me to do this?


if you get a WM_LBUTTONDOWN message, you set a bool flag, let’s say lbdown. So you do

lbdown = true;

then M$ Windoughs provides a message called WM_LBUTTONUP on this message you do

lbdown = false;

That’s basicly it! You should have a look at the WM_ Messages of Windoughs in the MSDN or the online version .



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