Motif w/ color index color

Hi All:

Wanted to ask if anyone has sample code of a Motif widget and color index color working together.

I’m porting an old app, GL to OpenGL on an SGI Irix box, and the Motif drawing area (a GLwCreateMDrawingArea widget) can’t seem to find my user defined colormap.
I thought it was in defining the resources for the drawing area widget; setting GLwNInstallColormap: TRUE and setting the colormap with XtNcolormap: mycmap.
The window opens normally but doesn’t clear the background to the glClearIndex() color defined in the colormap.
I’ve got Motif examples and color index examples, but none that combine the two.
SGI’s online docs and the green book fail here as well.

Has anyone done this, and might have example code?

Thanks- Jay