More than one mouse input

I was wondering how one would go about implimenting 2 mouse’s in opengl under windows xp. I checked and I know its possable.

Nice concept

yeah but how do I make it work short of using dxinput

Originally posted by Unition:
yeah but how do I make it work short of using dxinput
I tried some time ago with device enumeration. Different mouses will have different devices.
This later turned out to be useless in the short run, so I never actually managed to make it work by sure means.

so its just not possable on windows then unless your microsoft ?

I don’t understand what you’re trying to say however I think you’re asking:

“Is it possible to have multiple mouse inputs in non-win32 environments?”

Answer: I think it is. X11 can enumerate devices in a similar way DInput does thuru a X extension. I guess it’s called XInput. Take this with some salt because I’ve never played with it.
As for MAC thay should just have X running on. For older MACs or different platforms I really don’t know.

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