More on GLSL and OS 10.4 - ARB?

Thanks for all the replies. Yes, I’ve discovered there isn’t much publicly available information from Apple about their future plans. That’s a little irritating, because it means that we’re lacking some direction that we could well use on the project!

I’m still getting up to speed on OpenGL, so I don’t really know if we need 2.0 or 1.5–I’m guessing 1.5 is fine. I know that FBO would help immensely, but we can probably hack out something with pbuffers. As a stopgap measure I may also change gears and learn ARB shaders.

Which brings me to my next question: is there a good tutorial out there on ARB shaders? GLSL has a whole book, but ARB shaders seem to have the specification on SGI’s site, and not much else.

Any suggestions on how to learn this stuff?


-Josh Senecal

It’s pretty straightforward. Try out the examples you find in the spec, take a look at the instruction reference in the OpenGL shader builder, etc.

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