Momentary "Dimming" of Scene During Camera Pan

I apologize beforehand for being vague. I am hoping somebody experienced might know what/where this peculiar effect comes from. That said I can post code if it helps but right now I don’t know where to start…

So I have a little scene and to help narrow down possibilities I use a renderpass that excludes the other pipelines that do skybox and menu, so what remains is a bunch of models with textures.

I rotate the camera and I perceive a clear dimming of the scene until I stop which is when the scene renders “normal/brighter” and also stable, i.e. no dimming while the view is static. what’s more I move one model around programmatically and the dimming effect does not happen in that case either.

I have no validation issues.

Would something like this be most likely shader related (but I reduced the stuff in there to about a bare minimum textures sampler), would it be depth related (yet I see nothing obviously wrong with that in the scene like z fighting or wrong order/overlap)?

Any clues will be appreciated, thanks.

Dark scenes can mess with lower quality monitors. Or some settings (sharpness, motion something nonsense) can cause some ghosting. Maybe record a screencap, so we at least know what we are talking about.

It’s embarrassing or maybe I am too stupid but I cannot really capture it. I use Render Doc and the individual frames look just fine. I try to record the screen and I cannot really get it on video either, perhaps because I fail to record at higher than 60FPS, when my monitor is 144Hz, not sure ??

Furthermore against a white background I cannot see it.

Now, about the monitor because I was starting to think I see “ghosts” …
it happens also when I ran it on somebody’s machine (who has a different monitor and operating system) and he says he notices the effect too.

So, yeah, I can understand that is not much to work with, so I will just leave it for now, maybe I stumble across something that gives me hints later.

AMD and NV driver packs come with some basic screen recording capabilities. Recording above 60 is wasteful. Just set your monitor to 60 and test your app with that.

My guess would be that this could be caused by some image enhancement post processing that some displays do (I’ve mostly seen this with TVs). You could try turning that off to the extend possible.
Capturing the values that get written into the swapchain buffer would answer if your renderer is at fault or something “downstream” of it: could be the window system compositor or the display itself.

I’m almost certain now the visual effect was a consequence of my neglecting the input - render sequence so far after quickly doing a first person camera to then play around with rendering only.

After smarter keyboard input collection I got smoother translation movement, yet with rotation I had a bit of jitter still. Now that I finally do proper time interpolation for rotation not only the jitter is gone but I do not get that visual dimming/lighting up effect on rotation.

Yeah, …

Still, thanks to the people who tried to help, I appreciate it.

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