Apple deprecated OpenGL and OpenGL ES in their operating systems.

Have you considered to make MoltenGL also free and open-source like MoltenVK? It would be a huge help for a lot of developers.
I would like to port our existing apps to Vulkan later, but until then I would like to continue the development using OpenGL. Unfortunately the Angle project also lacks Metal backend.

Thanks for your interest in MoltenGL.

The Brenwill Workshop Ltd., the developers of both MoltenVK and MoltenGL, are definitely interested in moving MoltenGL to open-source, as we did with MoltenVK. In both cases, the industry is best served by having the code freely available for all in the industry to use.

What is needed are organizations in the industry to act as sponsors to fund the movement of the code to open-source, and to commit to funding some level of future development, to ensure that the open-source project does not whither away.

In the case of MoltenVK, Valve recognized the benefits to the industry of bringing Vulkan to Apple platforms, and sponsored both the purchase of MoltenVK from The Brenwill Workshop Ltd, and made a commitment to fund ongoing development. That has proved hugely beneficial to the entire Vulkan ecosystem.

The same will happen with OpenGL if MoltenGL is make open-source, and we are actively looking for partners in the industry to participate in helping make that happen.



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