Modifying sample code that i got here

I am new to opengl and c++ ^^ I consider myself a newbie and i am currently in college for game programming.

The program im tring to modify is called “4 subwindows”.(i got the sample code from this site) I wanted to try and making some of the subwindows transparent and would like references & advice on how to do this?

Thanks you in advance.

What API do you use? Windows API? MFC? .NET? wxWindows? QT?

In any of these you should refer to API’s documentation - you are very likely to find information you seek.

To use transparent window, you would probably have to define window region. There should be plenty of samples on the net.

I use .net (just started opengl three days ago) thanks I’ll look for more info. question: is transparency something someone at my level is able to do?