Modern headers and libraries for VS 2005?

I am trying to port some newer openGL code that uses VBO’s into an older app that is built w/VS 2005. It appears that the opengl headers/libraries included with VS 2005 is old and does not support VBO’s (glGenBuffers/glBindBuffer/glBufferData generate errors).

I can not port this app to VS 2010 due to some legacy licensed binaries that we can only link using VS 2005.

Is there a place to download newer gl headers AND libraries for VS 2005 or is there some additional headers AND libraries needed for VBOs on VS 2005?

Thanks in advance.


Or use glext.h and wglext.h, and grab pointers to appropriate functions by yourself. Those files are updated whenever a change to OpenGL API is made. No additional libraries are required. That’s why, among many other things, I like OpenGL. :slight_smile:

I was actually already attempting to grab function pointers but I was using “wglGetExtensionsStringARB” to check for the “GL_ARB_vertex_buffer_object” extension. Once I changed to use glGetString(GL_EXTENSIONS) instead, it all fell in place!


If you can port to 2008 it will make life a whole lot easier and more pleasant. Otherwise yeah, use GLEW.

All that [censored] about header file and what to do is in the Wiki

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