Modeling packages

I’m sure this is a recurring theme but, I really want to get a modeling package for loading…you guessed it, models into my apps!

I was thinking about starting with milkshape 3d and then purchasing either 3dsmax or lighwave later on. I tried blender for a while but did not like it. Is milkshape even worth my time??? This is a tough one for me as both 3dsmax and lightwave are really expensive!



you could check out gmax (by discreet, same company as max).

It’s free for personal usage.

Does gmax read/write 3DS files?

gmax doesn’t read/write anything other than its own /unreadable format, thats why its free.


First, a correction: wavefront? not lightwave…right?
Second: I have looked at gmax (and it’s tempest interface) and it’s pretty sweet but, as mentioned, it only reads/writes it own file format which is why it’s free, otherwise no one would buy 3dsmax! So, we’re back to the initial question: is milkshape worth my time or am I going to need to bite the bullet and throw down for a “professional” modeling package?