Model a fish in the aquariums

I am a very much beginner in opengl. I have project that I have to model a aquarium with fishes.

Now I want to just model a moving fish. How can I model a fish very simply. Or is it easy to model a fish from 3ds format? I am interested to model a fish from 3ds format.

Thanks in advance.
Take care and bye.

Hi shaikat,

I would recommend Blender (, which is free (even open source) and has good tutorials on the website (e.g.

If you are looking for more specific answers how to model the fish, I recommend using google… :wink:
By just searching “model fish”, I found this: , which seems to be exactly what your are looking for, if I understand you correctly.

Hope that helps - let us see some screen shots when you are finished! :slight_smile:

Excuse me, but this is a part of my professional curiosity, and I need to know:

What faculty/high school are you attending? And how comes that you have got a project to animate an animal (even a fish, but as an arbitrary mesh), and you are just a beginner?

I wouldn’t dare to give such a task to my students even after a half-semester course of OpenGL programming.

@Aleksandar: I quite agree with you!

The task is advanced, so if this is something you just want to try for yourself (as it seems to me, according to your thread on devmaster…), I would recommend setting yourself an easier task - how about representing the fish with some simple textured triangles / billboards? If you manage to animate them (make them swim around), you can replace them by the actual fish models.

Anyway, I would check out the NeHe-tutorials for a starting point ( if I were you, there are tutorials for model loading an animation.