Mobile Intel 965 + glCopyPixels?

Has anyone has any experience with using glCopyPixels() on a mobile intel 965 chipset machine?

The call does not appear to do anything. If I call swapbuffers I see the image clearly so I know the image is in the back buffer.

Any ideas?

More detail please. Where are you copying them to? What calls are you making to accomplish this?

Is your read source set appropriately etc.
How have you set your Raster Position?

If all else fails you can do a readpixels and drawpixels as a fallback, but it may be less efficient.

If you want to do a simple copy, disable depth test and everything else affecting pixel operations (lighting, texturing, blending etc.)

Hmm, ok let me first say that the code has worked for years on Nvidia, ATI and 3D labs hardware (we qualify a ton of cards from each vendor but until now Intel has never really been serious about their graphics hardware so we have never worried about their stuff). Anyway what I am trying to say is this is not new code. We do more or less the following (depending on code path it changes slightly)…

In a double buffered window we set the drawBuffer (to GL_BACK or GL_FRONT depending on which we swapped away from last… ie not the visible buffer), we draw into a section of the buffer, we set the read buffer to the buffer we just drew into, we set the raster position, and we call glCopyPixels to copy the section into the frame buffer.

The call to glCopyPixels() correctly copies the section on all other hardware… but on Intel I get nada?