misterious crash when attaching mipmapped texture to FBO (ATI only)

Hello community,

We have an application which runs as a loadable module inside a closed source host.

Both the host and the module use OpenGL (checked with gDebugger for the closed source host).

A new version of the host was released in which our application consistently crashes (only on ATI gpus) when attaching the first texture which is mipmapped (has all mipmap levels) to an FBO. (non-mipmapped textures were successfully bound before crash and did not cause any problems/gl errors). There is no GL error before the crash.

The previous version of the host with exactly the same application does not crash (I have checked and mipmapped textures are bound succesfully in the application so there is the same code path taken)

Also the same application with the new released host works fine with NVidia hardware.

If I change the application to never bind mipmapped textures again it will not crash (binding non mipmapped textures just works)

It looks like the host does something in the new revision which triggers some strange bug in the ATI driver side.
My question is: could you guys suggest what GL state may influence so much the FBO interaction with mipmapped textures? Has anybody experienced something similar? (crashes when attaching textures to FBOs)

(ATI Catalyst 12.4 has this problem for sure)

Thanks in advance!