missing support for per index data


i ran into a problem. to avoid transforming vertexes twice or more, i put the vertex data into a vertex array and want to use glDrawElements(…). but every face has its own texture coords and shares vertexes with other faces. a simple example is a cube with the same texture on every side. i could go through all faces, setting the TC’s by myself and referencing each vertex with glArrayElement(…). but i think, this isn’t the fastest method, right? i could use display lists, but my vertex data isn’t static. if OGL would support per index data (TC’s, VN’s, …) …
thanks for hints,


you can store those vertices multiple times, one for every UV values.
For example in a box, you can save the same vertex three times.

but transforming the same vertex again i want to avoid. maybe i have to overthink my modeldesign, that the texture fits on the surface with only one texture coord per vertex. but back to the example of the cube, it wastes valueable texture memory, because i have to duplicate my texture.