Missing headers,libs & dlls using Visual C++ .net

I’m attempting to compile an OpenGL app using “Visual C++ .net” and find that there is no GL subdirectory under my include dir.

I have found several references on the web regarding the GL directory and subsequent header files as they relate to Visual C++ 6. I’m lead to believe that OpenGL headers, libs, dlls were included in VC++6.

The ironic thing is that when I looked at the “VC++ .net” documentation on msdn.microsoft.com , they document OpenGL functions and include an example of OpenGL code, which again, makes reference to:

#include <GL\gl.h>
#include <GL\glu.h>

I have looked on www.opengl.org for the appropriate files, and all I could find was the GLUT 3.7.6 sdk, that only contains one header “glut.h”, one lib “glut32.lib” and one dll “glut32.dll”.

Some sites recommend a file from MS (Opengl95.exe), which I have downloaded, but am hesitant to run, fearing what that will do… no documentation included.

What do I need to compile OpenGL code using “Visual C++ .net” on “Windows XP” ?

Try downloading an SDK from someone like ATI or NVIDIA.

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First of all, thanks.

Well… I downloaded the rage 128 sdk, and it contains a couple of gl headers, but no opengl.h or gluaux.h… Why can’t I find what is required on the www.opengl.org download site? (Complete Newbie to OpenGL)

Haders all located in folder:
(…PlatformSDK\lib for libs)

Ah! Thanks, thats it!