Mirror OpenXR to Monitor

I am trying to let another person see what the user in VR is seeing, by mirroring (or replicating) the view onto the monitor. I am using openGL and i just used glBlitNamedFramebuffer to mirror the view of one eye.
The problem is, i added multiple layers (XrCompositionLayerQuad) for like HUD and crosshair and so on, but how do i get those on the screen? I made them to framebuffers, but i can’t just blit them too, because i need them to be in the same position as they are in VR.
So how do I do this instead? Is there a way to get to a framebuffer or something after the layers are added?

For anyone else having that problem, I just used the texture from the swapchains of the layers and rendered them onto quads in the first framebuffer. So I am just using one layer of OpenXR which i can copy with the blit function.