Mipmaps and HDR

I’m trying to create an HDR (use GL_RGB16F_ARB as components and GL_FLOAT as data type) mipmap texture. When I render it to the screen it’s less bright than simple texture (obtained with glTexImage2D) and seems to be low dynamic range.
What could be a reason for it?

Do you mean that:

reading float data into a texture with GL_RGB16F_ARB + GL_FLOAT + mipmap

gives lower brightness than

reading the same float data into a texture with GL_RGB8 + GL_FLOAT + mipmap?


Nope, it gives lower brightness than same data in GL_RGB16F_ARB + GL_FLOAT + no mipmap

Ah, I see. You probably didn’t generate the other mipmap levels. Call glGenerateMipmapEXT(GL_TEXTURE_2D) right after your glTexImage2D call . Right now, you’re possible performing an interpolation between mipmap level 0 with the texture data and level 1 which is all black.