Mipmapping not supported on powerBook (ATI)?

I am developing some OpenGL code on three computers: my powerMac G4, my Linux box, and my powerBook G4 (1GHz, 1G RAM, Radeon 9500, OSX 10.2.6). It seems GL_TEXTURE_MIN_LOD is not working as it should, ONLY on the powerBook (works fine on the other two platforms).

This functionality should be supported in OpenGL 1.3 and I would think would be provided by the ATI card in the powerBook - could my graphics card be malfunctioning? Or does anyone know whether this particular feature is not supported on the 9500? If you have any info, please email me.


The card in the 15" PowerBooks is a Radeon 9000, not a 9500 (huge difference). It does support OpenGL 1.3.

In what sense is TEXTURE_MIN_LOD not working?

If it’s not working as expected, it’s almost certainly a driver bug (either Apple’s or ATI’s). You should submit a bug to Apple.

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