MinGW and glaux.h

Hi, everyone!

I’m learning how to use OpenGL. I read NeHe’s tutorials and I have the Redbook.
When I tried to implement texture mapping, I noticed that I dont have “glaux.h”, however I have “/mingw/lib/libglaux.a”. Why?


glaux.h is part of MS platform sdk,
it’s written mainly for redbook samples
(== ms version of SGI’s aux.h),
but is rarely used now, since
we have a better tool,
GLUT library (look for links in opengl.org and get it), it implements the same things and much more, however, if you wish glaux.h,
follow link : http://chaos.unas.cz/opengl/glaux.h I just hope you have at least gl.h and glu.h and their respective lib files.

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wish you good luck with openGL