MFC and openGL.

Until now I used openGL on a Dialog Based Application, more specifically on a Picture object from type Frame (Which is derived from CWnd), now I opened an MDI application and I try to do the same thing to the CView window but it doesn’t draw. The window becomes black as I wished it will but when I draw a sphere with gluSphere function it doesn’t show up. It is not a problem of redrawing the screen, I have done this drawing in the OnPaint (at the beginning I tried in OnDraw too) and I tried moving the window (which make it redraw it self), but nothing shows up, only a black window (the client area).
Is there anything I need to do different in a CView window from a Picture object?
If anybody has any ideas to why this is happening, I would like to hear them.
Thank you in advance,

Have you tried searched for “MFC” in this forum. It has been discussed many times about MFC and OpenGL.