method to display different RC in a same window

I’m optimizing my program to support multi-card rendering,the way I’m think out is create sperate RC for every display card,and all RCs init the same environment and load same scene,in rendering,first use RC1 to render image,then use RC2,use RC1,use RC2,…; I think the method can let two(or more) display cards working in parallel,so can catch the performance,but the problem is : my program need to display the rendered image in a windows,but these two(or more) RCs are created from different Window’s DC(not include display window),so how can I display rendered image from RC1 or RC2 in a same window,and not affecting the RC1 & RC2’s parallel working?

On Windows you could use wglShareLists(). Render your scene to a texture. The texture will be accessible from both RCs.

but my program’s RC is created from different DC,and running in different thread,so rc share is permitted?