Mesh and Texture Mapping

Hi Everyone. Can anyone tell me the differences between Mesh and Texture Mapping. If I want to use the color to repersent the Data on 3D surface, which one is better to go with? Thanks alot

You should use texture mapping if you want it to look good and run fast. :slight_smile: You can use texture mapping and also use the values in the mesh to “bake in” some lighting. In other words, do both.

not sure what you are trying to do. if you are trying to graph data, you want to set the colors of each vertex (not use texture maping)

texture maping applies an image (usually from a file genereated in some 2d program like the gimp, or photoshop) to a polygon.

if the color of a certain vertex isnt always the same, texture mapping isnt going to do you much good…

Thank you guys. It helps alot.

Hi, Guys, I think you both are right. Texture mapping is much faster but I can not use different color to represent different vertex. And Mesh is much easy to use color to do it that way. But Mesh is very slow. Does anyone know if there is a way to use different color to graph different vertex when using Texture mapping? What I really want to do is to color the vertex to represent data differences. Thanks alot for your help. I really appreciate it.