Memory Overflow with glEnable(GL_VERTEX_PROGRAM_ARB) ?

I have a strange problem:
I use three VP alternatively when rendering my scene.
My procedure is:
Loading… (VPs , mesh, etc…)

Enable VP
bind VP1
render object1

Enable VP
bind VP2
render object2

Enable VP
bind VP3
render object3

Disable VP
render object4

Then Loop.

So when I switching between VP, or noVP, I saw my used memory growing 1Mo/s
And it seems to come from glEnable(GL_VERTEX_PROGRAM_ARB)
May be I’m wrong with it…

NB:The order of rendering can change with my loop.
So I must Enable/Disable VP to switch between VP and Standard Rendering.

Can someone tell me where I’m wrong?

It seems to come when VP is enabled and glDrawElements is used.
If one is not used, everything is ok (but nothing drawn of course ).
When both used, memory used grows up.
the same scene drawn by Traditionnal Vertex Tranformer works correctly.

Is there a need to flush Vertices Send to VP ?
or something else?

I use glDeleteProgramARB only once per VP at the end of program. Is it normal?

Please rescue my memory…call 911


Sounds like a driver bug. Send a bug report to your vendor’s developer support team.

If you have a small program which reproduces the problem, that’ll help them find and fix it much quicker.

Yeah It’s a driver bug.
It has been already reported.
My problem was on a GF2MX.
I’ve tried also on a GFX5200 and notice no problem.
On the latest driver It seems to be fixed.
Thanks for help