Max Texture size

I am looking to upgrade. I do a simulation “Out the Window” thing and use satellite imagery textured onto terrain polygons. I have to clip my polygons to match my textures, so the smaller the texture the more polygons I get from clipping.
Voodoo only gives me 256x256 textures, which suck.

What linux-friendly card gives the largest size textures? Someone mentioned gf3 might give 4096x4096? Where can I confirm this? Is the nvidia’s geforce 3?


Yes, gf3 is nvidia’s geforce 3 and it is like all other nvidia cards linux friendly because nvidia is making excellent drivers for linux. You can get more information from their web site at

Perhaps can you also decrease the size of the images in some good paint program. Maybe gimp?
It will reduce quality but the textures will anyway be filtered.

I can reduce the texture size (chop it up into little 256.256). However, to do this I have to clip my terrain polygons aginst the corresponding squares. This clipping adds an enormous number of poly’s. If I could get away with larger textures, I would not have to clip my terrain poly’s as often.
4096x4096 would be a godsend, becuase my satellite textures come in 3.5x3.5 minute (lat/lon minute) squares, and at that resolution things look great. I have to chop my terrain at that resolution anyway to match the photo.

p.s. I had trouble finding the texture size specs on nvidia’s website?..
p.p.s. I don’t need great color depth: 4 or 8 bits is fine.

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