Max. texture size


does anybody know why the size of a texture bitmap is limited to 256 pixels for s and t?

I need a bigger one, may be 1024 ore more.

My workaround - composing just a 512 pixel bitmap out of 4 tiles with 256 pixels each - is slowing down the program dramatically despite using a display list. The reason for the slow speed is the calls to glBindTexture().

Any ideas - i would be lucky

sincerely yours,


The maximal texture size is driver- and hardware dependent. Nowadays most cards support 2048x2048 textures, GF3 even 4096x4096.


Is there a function call that will return the maximum size texture allowed by your setup?

You can try glGetIntegerv with GL_MAX_TEXTURE_SIZE but I am not sure if this will give the “right” limitation. Perhaps will it return the memory limitation? The answer can also easy be calculated by trying 512, 1024, 2048 and so on. You should get an error if the texture can not be created.

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