Matt, Cass... what's up with the rdev-rel site?

Just wanted to know what is going on with the registered developers site on the web.

I emailed the developer relations people about a week and a half ago and haven’t gotten a reply. I can’t get the updated drivers and stuff… so the effects browser blows big *****…

Is it supposed to be up anytime soon? Somebody said it’s already up, but I’m not getting any response from NVidia.



Don’t ask me… I’m not a devrel person…

  • Matt

Couldn’t get in for a long time now. I once got a mail back saying that the site is down, and the public site also says that the reg dev site is down, and they don’t know when it will be up. It’s funny, because they actually refer to it in the NVEffectBrowser post.

Not sure when it’s going to be back up. My apologies on the lack of drivers. Unfortunately, the only practical solution is to use leaked drivers - which was not the original intent of the temporary shutdown of the registered developer site.

Sorry -

Matt… I know you guys are not devrel - but seeing as how they don’t seem to want to talk to me, I figured I’d ask ANYBODY from NVidia. At least you’re alot closer to devrel then I am.

Thanks for the info cass. I’m just weary of using leaked drivers. They’re usually not reference and they usually do funkey things.


PS - Matt: really, you are devrel, you’re often assisting people here on the boards, and most of us are developers…


I actually am “technical developer relations”. Internally we’re “devtech” - which is the engineering analog to “devrel”.

Thanks -

I read somewhere (dunno where) that the server isn’t actually down, but that the whole system was reinstalled and all the accounts were deleted (or archived somewhere)…

Not sure if this is true, but the people who posted this said you should request a new login.

Ahh… symmantics there cass. LOL! I was just joking with you guys. Thanks for the light though.

Have a great memorial weekend.