Matrix ? what is its usage

Hi everyone, please help me :

I’ve done lot of work on D3DRM and also
with OpenGL and so far I have this “stupid”
question that would sounds to any programmer.

Even if I have done many hours of work in 3d I still don’t understand (I speak other language than English) the helps file
reagardless to a MATRIX ?

What is it’s usage ? When I program I just set one “as” in the samples… As I’ve understand it very important and I really need to understand…

So where could I get Help on it (URL) ? Or if someone could be kind enough to tell me
in 2 words how it works…

Thank you for your time, even if it sounds stupid. I understand all other functions but I had trouble with this one.

So you want to know the point of a Matrix? Well they are pretty cool as the can set transformations, rotations, scale etc. And then you can perform functions on them, they are a much neater and easier way of dealing with this. This may help…