Matrix Math

hi, I have a question.

If I have a point in 3d-space which I rotate with glRotate() and then multiply the points coordinates with the current MODELVIEW matrix, will I get the new rotated coordinates?

I use this overloaded * operator to do the multiplies.
(code taken from nate millers matrix code, it’s great)

inline vec3_t matrix_t: perator*(vec3_t vec)
return vec3_t(
vec.X() * m[0] + vec.Y() * m[4] + vec.Z() * m[8] + m[12],
vec.X() * m[1] + vec.Y() * m[5] + vec.Z() * m[9] + m[13],
vec.X() * m[2] + vec.Y() * m[6] + vec.Z() * m[10] + m[14]);

// Thanks in advance, Ankan

Yes that should work, but if you did any translating you will want to make positions 12, 13, and 14 equal to 0 in you’re modelview matrix since that is the translation portion. (assuming you only want to rotate the points)