Matrix explanations?

I’m looking for information on precisely how viewing, transformation, and projection matricies work in OpenGL… what everything in them is for, how I can manipulate them, etc… any good, in depth information on this online?

Take an algebra class

You probably won’t find it in depth under opengl.

Just look on the net for computer graphic related web site, specifically those that talk about software engine, you’ll get all the information you need.

I know all the linear algebra/matrix manipulation junk (I’m a second year computer engineering student). I just want to know what exactly the different matrices do and how.

Guess I’ll just have to keep looking. I have one book that covers some of it, but not at the level of detail I want.

I bought “The OpenGL SuperBible” and was disappointed when they skipped that info altogether… while I found it an interesting read (since I’m just getting into OpenGL), I wish they woulda put in the “difficult math stuff” for those of us that can handle it…

I am working through “Interactive Computer Graphics” by Edward Angel (Addison Wesley), and he is explaining the maths in great detail (more than I can comprehend anyway). You might want to give that a try – the 2nd edition is out/coming out very soon.

Follow the white rabbit.

Mike The Spike

LOL Mike, I half expected someone to knock on my door when I read that…

thanks trojanfoe… I don’t really have the $$$ to buy any more books right now, but I might see if the campus library has it so I can page through it.

The book “Real Time Rendering” by Thomas Moller spent a good chapter talking about the various matrices and gave examples of OpenGL’s perspective and orthographic matrices. You can also get this information from the OpenGL specification.