do you know of a good book (or web site) about opengl related mathematics (matrix, vector …)

I thought i was quiet good in maths :slight_smile:

I’d prefer german books. But hints on english ones are appreciated as well.

thanks in advance

You can start by checking there :

Hi Pherweg,

you should have a look at
“Computer Graphics: Principles and Practice” from Addison Wesley (ISBN: 0201848406).

It has an quite easy to understand appendix on computer graphics related math.

Originally posted by pherweg:

do you know of a good book (or web site) about opengl related mathematics (matrix, vector …)

I particulary liked “Computer Graphics: Mathematical First Steps”, ISBN:01359995728

The book “Computer Graphics: Principles and Practice” by Foley et al seems to be the classic graphics programming book. It inlcudes the math behind transformations (needed for rotations) and projections. It also includes an appendix on math. Its pretty pricey at $110 Canadian but worth it. If you can’t understand the appendix on math, I would suggest a small book such as Shaum’s Outline on Vector algebra.
Good Luck!


Personally I thought the Foley/van Dam appendix was terrible. The 3D math you need for OpenGL programming really isn’t that hard, but if you don’t have a formal math background then reading that appendix is likely to put you off for life. I wasn’t much impressed by the “First Steps” book either.

I learned 3d math from the Web. I’d start with the Hexapod FAQs, and Steve Baker’s article “Matrices Can Be Your Friends”. Once you’ve got the basics down, check the Gamasutra archives for some useful articles on quaternion math - it’s not easy, but it’s very very useful.