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Hi all.

This is my first post here, but I bet it will not be my last, because you guys seems good to help people learning to code.

I have recently started coding OpenGL using c++ bulider 5 Enterprise, and I have bought OpenGL super bible, and I have started reading the NEHE tutorial. I have never been coding other that pascal, so I’m a little helpless, but I thought that I would try out OpenGL programming, as we all have to start at some point…

To my two questions.

I use c++ builder but I have seen that many programmers use visual c++. Can I have some pros/cons to using one of these languages ?

My second question is, that I have forgotten a lot of my Mathematics I learned in school, so I would like to learn it again. Can you give me some good places to find Math “books” on the internet, or tell me the name of a book I can buy ?

thanks in advance

C++ Builder and Visual C++ are both the same language: C++. The only difference is the user interface. In special cases even the compilers will differ, but thats not very often. The biggest difference is when you build user interfaces. With Visual C++ you get the MFC from Microsoft and with C++ Builder you get OWL (i think?). With both you can build user interfaces. Can’t give you a hint here, I know only MFC.


I can say more about the differences of MSVC++ and Builder. What I like most about MSVC++ is the IDE, Visual Studio. I have enjoyed using this IDE. With Builder’s IDE, I always felt like I was fighting it for some reason. Then there is the blessed Edit and Continue capability of the debugger in MSVC++ 6. IMO, this feature alone is worth the price difference between Builder and MSVC++. As for math on the web check out this place, it has links to just about every field of math you’d need from simple addition to calculus.

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Thanks guys…

I think I wil try the builder first, becuase I have that for free on my job. And I will take a look on the math site…

its possible make a download of VC++ in the web ???

i mean, a full version ???

coz that program is to expensive…

I worked 2 years with both versions of the C++ compiler (Borland and Microsoft). For you is easier to make programs in CBuilder because you have the same COMs and object as in Delphi (I worked in Delphi 6 month too). From your point of view I don’t think that it will be problems with Builder because when you use OpenGl you SHOULDN’T USE MFC. But there a is a problem : from what I saw in the Nehe’s tutorial you must have a hDC (handle to a DC) that doesn’t exist in CBuilder. The equivalent object is, if I remember well, TCanvas or Canvas. So you must implement a pointer to that. If you have any further questions post them.

And about doeloading VC++ it’s illegal :slight_smile: and it has some hundreds megs (604 MB). Copy a CD from someone that has it.


Hmm… It’s hasn’t made any errors when I use hDC ? Are you totally sure ? and how do I find out if it understand hDC ?

If it doesn’t understand hDC, then how do i use TCanvas and Canvas ?

And thanks for your kindness

I believe NewROmancer is thinking you are developing your app using OWL. Which is essentially Borland’s version of an MFC-like api. I don’t know if your are or are not. Doesn’t much matter.

And hey NewROmancer, MFC works just as well as OWL when making an OpenGL app. Because if you are going to be using either MFC or OWL, you obviously are not aiming for highest performance, but rather greatest ease of use, and rapid development.

I’m not using any of those MFC’s… I’m creating my own window to render in, like NeHe tutorial tells to do. So can i still be using my builder ??

If you don’t use MFC or OWL or any other GUI-Builder, but you use Windows SDK (as NeHe did), than you shouldn’t have any problems with any compiler available for windows platform (LogoGL: e.g. gnu, it’s free ;-))


I went to a bookstore and bought a couple of cheap Cole’s Notes books on trig and such. Best place I think to get the old math engine going again.