math training for opengl

There is an software for help to visualize matrix , quaternion ,euler or test common operation with graphical or non graphical help .?
a math learning/training application before learning opengl.

I don’t know of a single piece of software but you might like to get “Mathematics for 3D Game Progamming and Computer Graphics” by Eric Lengley. I found it very helpful - it covers almost any thing you want and its examples are all OpenGl/GLSL

I would also recommend
It is a tutorial about graphics programming based on OpenGL, with a lot of the basics (including matrices and how they are used in this specific case).

+1 for Mathematics for 3D Game Progamming and Computer Graphics

Still, there is no such thing as mathematics for OpenGL. Many of the concepts employed in 3D graphics are much older than 3D graphics and OpenGL. :slight_smile:

What you need to know for a wide variety of tasks is explained very well in the aforementioned book.