Map Storage For Worms-Like Game

How would one store a map file for a Worms-Like game? I had some ideas, like dived the entire level up into triangles, or just have a line_strip for the ground, everything else you can move through. But I can’t figure it out. Any Suggestions?

Plus, how might I texture map a figure with n number of sides without distorting the image. (With quads i always just put one TexCoord at each vertex, but that doesn’t work with larger pollies)


i would just store the level as a few tiled textures. easier to do collisions, and deformations etc.

Sounds fun. What I’d do is put each 2 triangles into rendering groups. That way I’d have it rendered and treated as a square. I’d break up the level into a grid each square being 32x32 (you can make it bigger) and for every sqaure in the grid the structure of the map would indicate the properties of each square (texture, tangability, etc.).

As for distortion you oculd break your model into smaller parts and put them together (kinda like how playstation attempts skeletal animation). That way you could counter-distort textures easier. But that probably isn’t such a good way .

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