Making Noise - OT

Hi Zak, I’m making noise


i second that emotion!

Pigs can fly.

I’m using OpenGL to render my physics.

Can someone tell me which road I should take to get at the moon?

I can see living people…

Cows can’t fly.

1 @m l33t3r +h4n u

OpenGL makes perty grafix!

I’m hooked on fonics.

Cows can’t fly.

I tell you what man you wanna get a flying cow man you load up on them dynamite in an ol cannon like that and it go BOOOM man that ol cow flyin’ all over the place.

Why the hell did i just do all of that. heh


Has nobody in here played Earthworm Jim?? If someone had, you would know that cows CAN fly!


everything can fly, you just need enough wind to blow it up…
haven’t you seen twister? the cows there could fly, too…

but, i think, penguins cant fly…

With enough wind they will …

i’ve seen yet turtles fly, and even a donkey fly… but never a penguin fly…

i don’t think they can… why else would they dive?

and, they are too areodynamic to be catched by the wind (catched is wrong, how do i write it corretly? cauth ? no… )