Making a bird flap

Hey everyone.

Sorry to disturb everyone but I am trying to figure out how to make a bird flap using opengl in C++.

What I am thinking is import the bird from a .obj file which I have no problems with.

Now I read that you can use DH notation by making the object a tree (i.e. make the wing a tree and each subsequent child rotates a little bit more).

This would ideally cause the bit of the wing that is connected to the body to rotate by a small amount, and the tip have the greatest rotation and movement i.e. as a real bird flies.

I cannot actually find any tutorials on how to do this and I am a bit of a beginner so I am not quite sure how exactly to do this.

I was just wondering if someone could please give me a bit of a pointer or a helping hand? It would be much appreciated!!!

Thank you! :slight_smile: