making 3d space invaders game - URGENT!

Hi all, i am new but i am hoping that a few of you could give me some tips and save my skin!
i have been given only a few months to design and code a 3d space invaders using lwjgl, i’m hoping you can help.
i’ve designed a model loader that reads in a 3d model from a raw file, seems to work ok, except that i cant get any textures working!!
anyway, do you think that its possible to use either the code for the space invaders from lwjgl or for the movement for the craft and the aliens
in mine which is 3d? what i’m doing is using 3d models and opengl but the game will be
played from a fixed perspective, therefore looking 3d but actually only 2d! if you have any ideas whatsoever i would be very greatful
as i am a total newbie, never made a game before, never used
opengl, havent got time to learn everything from scratch but still need to get
it all done within a couple of months.
it doesnt need to be amazing but just getting one that works would really be great!
you could give me would be very very much appreciated.
thanks for taking the time to read this and i look forward to hearing from you
thanks guys and gals,
Danny :slight_smile:

check out the rudy rucker site. you download his framework and its the main example in the file
Rudy Rucker

alternatively theres the sourceforge site
space invaders
which is kinda nifty. hope it helps

thanks for the reply guys, do you think that these game loops would also work for my 3d version though??

If, as you describe, you really mean 2D game play with 3D objects, 2D control agorithms should work.

thanks guys :slight_smile:

i couldnt seem to find anything on rudyrucker :frowning:
has anyone got any ideas how to load textures onto a 3d model in lwjgl or any tips for my space invaders??