Making 3d rotational figure

Well i need some help with opengl and c++ 6.0. I need to do one glass using lines to do one border… and then rotate it to make one 3D oblect as glass is.

Dont think if you understand me… but i need to generate code to do that “L” rotate on “y axis” to make one 3D object.

I hope you understand me and can help me with some link or portion of program in VC++ 6.0.

Ty a lot.

At that tutorial i only see how move camera, but i dont wat that. I wat to make one BOTTLE in 3D, rotating one draw in 2D. Like one “L” rotating it to make one glass in 3D

i need to do that in VC++ 6.0 with openGL.

Ty for your contribuition.

you can look for “surface of revolution” in google.