Make support for Win2k

This is a very troubling issue for alot of people who are now switching to Win2k resources. They wish to run their computers to their max and want to use all available RAM to power their games and programs! I think that it is about time that OpenGL support WindowsNT based OS! I really do hope that someone addresses this issue cause WindowsXP will be released in September12th and it is being claimed as the multimedia platform, including gaming and voice recognition and full support up to 4 gigs of RAM! And guess what…GL does not support it!!! Ouch…

Well, nough said…

<looks bewildered for several moments> since when has an for h/w been forced to support the o/s? The defn of an o/s is to abstract over the h/w, not the other way around.

what do you MEAN by support? why should an API designed to be platform independent have magic things to support a single o/s?



Korval takes a moment to check his OS “About” dialog box to make sure he is running Windows 2000. Korval scratches his head, since he distinctly remembers writting an OpenGL program not 30 minutes ago using this same computer setup. Korval does not remember installing a new OS nor does he recall rebooting his machine to switch OS’s.

I’ll agree with John,especially about having OpenGL supporting an OS (because, frankly, that just doesn’t make sense). And, I’d like to add the following. Seeing as how I can write programs in Win2K that use OpenGL just fine and dandy, I’ve got to know one thing: what are you smoking?

As far as I know, OpenGL was introduced on NT-platforms BEFORE any other versions of Windows, and that was quite a few years ago. As for Win2k support, even the beta release that came out well over a half a year before the official release had excellent OpenGL support.

Also, OpenGL is something that is natively supported on all Win32 platforms today. It’s nothing you have to install manually, like DirectX. It’s installed wether you want it or not.

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Either someone is smoking crack, OR it’s OpenGL 1.2 that’s the issue. That’s not supported on any M$ OS though so I don’t see why you should scream so loudly about Win 2000.

He says he wants his opengl programs using 4 gigs of memory and other crap. 4 gig support was available since Win95, and perhaps before that and opengl has nothing to do with this.

Get your facts straight kid before posting garbage.