Major GL Terrain Problem - Help!

I have a wierd problem with the GL terrain engine I am programming.
Everything works perfectly with my Voodoo3 2000 AGP.
With a TNT2 everything is cool until lighting is applied to
the trees and gun model. Everything that is lit is just a black
With a GeForce2, and any non-hardware accelerated card, the terrain and
trees do this funny corss-hatching effect that fades in and out,
as though the depth buffer is not being cleared properly.
Why with opengl being such a standard and all, would things be so
problematic on different cards.

I realise I could be coding wrong (any ideas - I’m stressing)
but why would everything work great on some cards and completely
wrong on others. Because everything works as I have coded it too work
on my pc - why would it be different on others?

Please help - I’m desperate.

You might think that since OpenGL is so old that all the drivers would be bug free and it would work the same everywhere, but that’s just not the case, unfortunately.

The two problems you describe are a bit hard to diagnose without seeing them. Could you post some screenshots somewhere?

– Zeno

Can I EMail you the pic’s?

Originally posted by TheLabRat:
Can I EMail you the pic’s?

You can email them to me at . I am having similar problems and I would like to see if my problems are the same as yours. Thanks!