MacOSX/Cocoa Terrain on Xcode

I am working with texture mapping and attempting all sorts of things to get it working on my mac. I use Xcode to program.

I came across one of NeHe’s Windows tutorials that has converted source code. See the 2nd link from the bottom.

So i unzipped the file, created a new empty project with a cocoa application target, added the necessary files from the zip, added the neccessary frameworks (cocoa and opengl), and tried to build.

The program compiled, linked and then exited with status 1. So basically, no real information was provided as to why it didnt work (ie no errors).

If someone has time to recreate this scenario, I would be grateful. I simply do no know what to do anymore.

Run it with a debugger to see where and why it exits, it will probably help.