Mach-O and what is going on

Well, I recently created a Mach-O project with Codewarrior. All my code works fine after figuring out frameworks and all that stuff(really convenient I found), however, I can no longer load my textures. I get a file not found error, or I get a directory not found, etc. I’m using GetApplicationDirectory function supplied by apple in their sample code to find the dirID and the volume ref num. However, they aren’t reporting correctly. So I created another directory inside the “supposed” application directory, and searched my hard drive for it. It’s no where to be found, but if I try and create the directory again, it says it’s already been created.

What’s going on? Am I supposed to be using bundles for all of my file loader? If so, how do I put files into the contents/resources portion of a bundle?

Thanks for the help

This isn’t an OpenGL question, and this board isn’t even very good for OpenGL answers!

Try asking at, on Apple’s carbon-dev mailing list, or somewhere like that.

Si, this board is La Llama Grande!

Still, have you saved your textures to the Resources directory of your Project and added them to the resources bundle?

I don’t know how CW does it, but PB needs this done before you can use any bundle lookup functions to find and use your texture resources.

Know what I mean, string bean?

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