MAC or WIN? what do you use?

Just to be curious…
What does each guy of you use?
MacOS, Windows, Linux or something else?


All three, daily:

  • Win2K desktop
  • Mac OS X 10.1.5 desktop
  • Mandrake Linux 8.2 server

I am using Windows98 right now. I am just waiting for my new Apple now!


Linux only.

Linux and windows 98. Hope to get rid of win ASAP .

Macs! Yuck!

I use Win2k at work, and at home WinXP and occasionally Linux.

Win2k and XP are both much better than Win9x and WinME.


Jealousy can be so ugly Deiussum! :_)

this is my opinion so don’t get too offended by it, but MacOS is pure evil.

That’s it? Just ‘pure evil’? No substantiation of such an extreme viewpoint?

Oh dear we have a non believer. Just think style and grace when you next look at a mac! :slight_smile: