Lucky im not the only beginner here!!!

Im so new to this that i have only just found out what program to use and i was wondering if anyone could please help me with a site that could gie me some really good tutorials and advice on how to actually draw something from scratch but in the mean time im having trouble trying to draw anything any one wanna help me make a few dots on the screen cause i would like to try make a basic solar system. Like random points or even when u click the dot appears here, any help would be greatly appreciated. Thankyou :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


Do yourself a favor and go buy a copy of the OpenGL SuperBible, fourth edition. It has LOTs of sample code in it, starting from drawing 2D rectangles on the screen, and going all the way to complex shaded 3D objects.

The SuperBible includes links to download all their source-code, which even includes project files for building their example apps for Mac, Windows, and Unix systems.

There is a library called GLUT that will get you started quickly and easily. GLUT is a cross-platform library that includes basic code for menus, windows, handling mouse and keyboard, etc. It’s a little simplistic, but platform-independent and very easy to get started with.

sweey as thanks man

Look at the NeHe tutorials… and learn some punctuation…

I remember being where you are. Don’t worry, it will all come to you, it just takes a lot of practice. I also recommend looking at the NeHe tutorials at What is your experience in programming?

Nehe!, CodeSampler!

Libraries you’ll need for start:

  • FreeImage
  • Lib3ds



a good IDE:
Netebeans and the OpenGL Pack, his tools are very useful, and you cna create JOGL apps easy.


I’m a noob too… ^___^ good to see others like myself here… haha…

I agree with a lot of these guys’ suggestions…

…except for using NeHe as a learning tool. It’s better to use as a reference to glance at later, or for use as extra examples while you’re learning. But using it as a stand-alone tutorial of learning OpenGL? It’s not your best option.

In fact, take the first suggestion and just get a nice, thick, in-depth book on the subject. :slight_smile: