Low fps problem with windows xp

I’ve made a opengl game, ran it on pentium III, windows 2000/98 without video card, FPS = 75. But when I ran it on windows XP without video card, FPS = 4!

So I decided to do bench marking, I picked up a simple triangle with FPS counter from this solid site


In win2000/98 = 150 fps, in winxp = 73 fps.

How do I deal with this slowness problem? Is there any win32 api code changes I need to make(my windows/opengl code is similiar to Digiben’s) in order to adapt to windows xp? Or should I just tell the windows xp users to get a video card???

What you mean “without video card”? Try to disable vertical sync in driver setup pages. Try to install new drivers on XP machine. Can you post machine specification?


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