Lost gl.h...

Hi, I bought the OpenGL superbible a few weeks ago, started coding a bit, and then left for a 3 week vacation )) Yesturday I came back started coding again, replaced the gl.h by mistake and now I have about 30 unresolved externels, all the functions like glutSwapBuffers… I only can find the Mesa-3.0 gl.h header, but that doesn’t make things better. Can anybody just mail me the header to jonas@eichhorst.net or is something completly different wrong???

thats not a gl.h problem. if everything compiles fine and you get unresolved externals a linking problem occurs. that means you forget to link opengl32.lib (or whatever your opengl lib is called). if you use microsoft visual studio, insert it into the project settings->linker.

good luck,

p.s. if something is not found beginning with glu or glut, dont forget glu32.lib and glut32.lib.

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Add this to your source …

#pragma comment (lib, “OpenGL32.lib”)

It is equivalent to the above, but is more obvious! It simply adds the required Libs to the project.