Looks like GL_DEPTH_TEST is failing ?

I’m working on a fairly large project and I’ve recently discovered that on some graphics cards I end up with object faces missing … my code was working fine but I’ve inadvertantly altered something that has made my code specific to my development machine’s graphics card …
I enable GL_DEPTH_TEST in the initialization of the program … and always have done …

Please help …



Search all your code for calls to
glColorMask <- this should be true for proper operation
glEnable(_TEST); <- to find alpha/stencil/depth tests

Maybe stenciling as well …

I found out what’s causing my problem … I originally used a single light source … and that works on all cards … then I introduced a further 3 lights to get the lighting a bit more uniform … looked good on my system but unbeknown to me it no longer looked right on other systems … Now, I was using a relatively old NVidia driver so I upgraded and low and behold my system now manifests the problem … with more than one light source, I find that Quad faces, depending on viewpoint, are not drawn at all … very odd … ?

Andrew :0(

This would be a serious bug if true. It is very strange that this shows on several cards. I suspect some programming error is causing this.