Looking for programmers who want to participate in my project

Hi there,

i’m working on an intresting project for a while, which now needs more advanced OpenGL coding then i currenty know. So i’d like to you offer a participation.

The name of te applicationis ‘glLive3d’. It is a modular-video-syntesizer for live video-arts with a near to a classic modular-audio-synthesizer using oscillators etc., where any value may be constant or linked to a variing source at runtime. More information and some screenshot you’ll find here:

Currently i use wxWidgets (platform-independent GUI-lib) and some OpenGL-libraries under windows (no windows- or wxWidgets-programming will be needed - this is my job). Later i want to transfer the program to other OS.

What i offer is a full participation, which meens that sometimes we’ll have to decide together, about license and commercial or non-commercial publishing (my idea is some kind of shareware).

Current state:

  • working GUI
  • working OpenGL-basics
  • few bugs only / no crashes
  • some inner restruturations needed (my job)
  • and a lot of good ideas…


  • Lightning
  • Shading

I’m working in english but i’m from germany and as a hobby-programmer i’m not so firm in technical terms. So best but not essetial would be german as second language.

I you’re intersted, feel free to contact me here: gllive3d at art-ganseforth dot de

Kind regards,