Looking for OpenGl coding partner

Sorry I couldn’t find more appropriate forum…
Have experience of several years in programming but the thing is I’m total n00b in this OpenGl “world”.

If someone is willing to learn/work along me & is really passionate about learning this wonderfull technology and who knows maybe we eventually gonna develop the next version of Minecraft? :stuck_out_tongue: he can for sure PM.

Best Regards. :wink:

I currently work on tweaking existent Asteroids game.

I use C++

Hi ! I have some experience in gameplay programming , i’m a OpenGL n00b too and I’m practiticing it on my free-time (such a powerfull library !)

I’m currently breaking my head with transform feedbacks, so if you have experience with it that would be helpfull.

I couldn’t find how to contact you (I went on your profile, …). But here is my website, you’ll easily find how to contact me -> www.schobbent.com

I use C++ for OpenGL and sometimes switch to WebGL.

Check your mail box. :slight_smile:

Just FYI: this is neither the place for getting a band together, nor for job offers, nor for anything else that happens first and foremost on a personal level.

O.K my friend then please suggest other means for communication. :slight_smile:

Well, you can ask all sorts of specific, OpenGL related questions here. You shouldn’t ask stuff like “who wants to code with me?”. Please read the forum posting guidelines!

Also, what the hell is this:

The guy told you he’s a total GL n00b. How can you ask a total n00b if they have experience with transform feedback? O_o

Again you guys: If you have questions about GL stuff, just ask.